We Got Loud

After the disappointment of unkind weather last week, M10 and M11 were able to perform our fantastic rendition of “Let’s Get Loud” this afternoon for a large audience. The children did a wonderful job and certainly were the stars of the grand finale!

Thanks to all the parents for being so accommodating and sending in costumes for a second time. Here are some photos and the video of our performance. We hope you enjoying watching us Get Loud!

lets get loud from Mrs Knipe on Vimeo.

Let’s Get Loud

This year M10 and M11 will be performing their version of Jennifer Lopez’s song “Let’s Get Loud” at the end of year concert.

On Friday afternoon we started learning the lyrics and had a look at some basic choreography for our item. The children also took home a copy of the lyrics to start their own practice.

I have embedded into this post a version of the song that was performed by Jennifer Lopez at the Women’s World Cup which highlights both the song and how fantastic and vibrant it can sound as a performance.


Digital Technologies

PlayExpo 2016

José Ángel Morente Valero via Compfight

This term we are focusing on 2 different skills using computers.

The first skill is typing. At this age it is of great benefit to students to be able to know the location of keys on the keyboard and to start to develop fluency with their typing so they are able to share their ideas quickly in a typed format.
We are using the tutorials at typing.com to help us practise these skills.

Our second skill is that of computational thinking and learning the basics of coding. THis allows our students to understand that they can be in control of technology and understand how it operates, rather than simply use it for menial tasks. We are working through a series of courses on coding at the fabulous code.org website.


Sports Day

What a gorgeous day with sunny blue skies and what a fantastic time was had by all of us. We are going to share our thoughts on the day later but here are some photos showing all the fun we had.

3D construction

In Maths we have been looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. As part of our assessment we had to design a construction on paper and then build it using 3D shapes of our own creation. Here are our wonderful creations

Book Week!

Thursday 25 August was a great day at our school – Book Week Parade Day. We started the day with lots of excitement seeing all the great costumes and posters that children (and their families) had come up with for the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s theme of: Australia! Story Country.

After the parade there was the thrilling announcement of the poster competition winners and our class was lucky enough to have 2 children win in their year level category. Congratulations to our two classmates who both put a lot of effort into their entries.

Finally we had a great time showing off our dancing skills with a whole school dance to the heel toe polka. We had a great time practicing this and really challenged ourselves well in following our value of being able to work to the best of our abilities no matter who we were partnered with!

Here we are dancing up a storm!


Book Week 2016 from Mrs Knipe on Vimeo.

Olympian Visit

Unit 1, M10 and M11 were also lucky enough to be visited by an actual Olympian. Ms Leanne Trimboli, a parent in our school community, who competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games as part of the women’s soccer competition.

Her visit was a wonderful experience, with the children able to see and touch the actual Olympic uniforms and equipment as well as hear fascinating stories of what it was like to actually compete in an Olympic Games. We would like to thank Leanne for her time and the wonderful learning opportunity she provided for our classes. Here are some photos of the experience and the children’s thoughts about this special visit.

“I think it was good that an Olympian came to our school because it rarely happens. Her name was Leanne Trimboli and she played in the 2000 Olympics in Australia Sydney. She played football [soccer] she got to warm up in the S.C.G. short for Sydney Cricket Ground. I like that she passed her things around like the soccer ball she played with, jacket, boots and her guernsey. She was a Goalkeeper, Number 18. She played 3 games for the Matildas at the Olympics.”  Darias

“In the music room M10, M11 and U1 met an Olympian called Leanne Trimboli. She played soccer. (I also play soccer). She was one of the goalies. I liked it when she passed around some of the stuff she got at the Olympics. I also liked it when we watched some videos of her olympics. She played in the Olympics in 2000 in Canberra and then she went to Sydney and played there too. We watched the gold medal winner Simon Fairweather and touched his winning arrow. At the end Daniel got his t-shirt signed and Marco got his soccer ball signed.”  Harry

“Today, on the 10th of August M10, M11 and U1 met Leanne Trimboli an Olympian from the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Her event was football/soccer. She went on unpaid leave for a year to train. Leanne went to the Institute of Sport and trained. Leanne was chosen to be one of two goalies. She showed us lots of souvenirs from the Olympics which included Simon Fairweather’s arrow, her many jackets, her soccer top, the men’s baseball top, and her training soccer ball. It was amazing to meet an Olympian.” Jazzy

“On the 10th of August 2016, Leanne Trimboli, an Olympian from the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000, visited our school. Leanne gave us a talk and showed us some videos about the Olympic Games. When she was talking, she was talking about what it was like to be an Olympian and what it felt like. Football (also known as soccer) was the sport she played. We all got to look and touch some of her things including, Simon Fairweather’s arrow, her football boots and her shirts and jackets!” Danika

“When Leanne came it was really cool. She brought in lots of her Olympic things even Simon Fairweather’s arrow – he was a gold medallist. I liked when she told us about before the opening ceremony and how it was really loud. Leanne played soccer in the Olympics. We watched a few videos from the 2000 Olympics. She let us touch the things she brought in and we got to ask questions. Daniel got his soccer top signed too.”  Alicia

Here are some of the special photos we took on the day of all the wonderful memorabilia we got to see and touch!

Brazil: What we know

Today we did a quick brainstorm about what we know about Brazil before we start our integrated studies on this topic.

The information in green is what we as a class knew just from our general knowledge and prior learning. After checking out Brazil in an atlas, we added some new learning about Brazil’s geography in yellow.

Keep following the blog to see how much more we learn!


How to Create an Olympian

In M10 we have been looking at the features of procedural texts as well as learning about the Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero. We have combined our two learning areas to write this recipe of “How to Create an Olympian”. As a class we read and watched interviews with current Olympians about what they had to do so they were chosen to compete in the Olympic Games. Here is what we think it takes to be an Olympian

How to Create an Olympian


1 litre of passion for your sport

10 cups practice and training

9 cups of physical fitness

1 kilogram of persistence

1 bucket of goals

5 litres discipline

750mL good sportsmanship

500g pride

500g dedication

5 cups of sacrifices made

200g of resilience

150g mental strength

1-2 cups of motivation

1 cup leadership skills

5 tbsp positive attitude

3 tbsp healthy diet

6 tsp being an ambassador for your country

4 tbsp focus

3 tsp inspiration

6 mL teamwork

4mL love challenges

60g do your best

50g competitiveness

45g have fun

Other necessary equipment

good coach

supportive family

good team mates

strong role models


1.       Start with 1 litre of passion for your chosen sport and squeeze in 5 tbsp of positive attitude.

2.       Add to this passion, 1 bucket full of goals, 3 tsp inspiration, 1-2 cups of motivation and mix this together with some strong role models.

3.       Stir gently with a supportive family and then add 50g of competitiveness and 45g of having fun. Sprinkle in 500g of dedication and stir through 5 cups of practice and training.

4.       To this mixture, fold in 150g of mental strength, 5 cups of sacrifices made, 9 cups of physical fitness and 1 kilogram of persistence. Add in 3 tbsp of healthy diet and mix until smooth.

5.       Leave the mixture to rise, then whisk through another 5 cups of practice and training combined with a good coach.

6.       Quickly pour 5 litres of discipline into the mix and melt through with 750mL of good sportsmanship. Drop in 60g of doing your best before the mixture dries.

7.       Now spoon through 6 mL of teamwork and combine this with good team mates.

8.       Crush in 200g of resilience and then bake until it has risen to great heights.

9.       In a separate bowl, mix by hand 1 cup of leadership skills, 6 tsp of being an ambassador for your country, 4 tbsp of focus and finally add 4mL of a love of challenges. Beat this together until it is nice and smooth. Collect mixture from oven and then spread this topping over the baked mixture.

10.   Finally dust the finished mixture with 500g pride in yourself and your achievements.


As long as you want to achieve your goals it doesn’t matter what age you are, what gender you are, what religion you are, what colour skin you have or what country you come from. You just need to be made up of these ingredients to succeed!