Junior Singers

Every Thursday we do junior singers. It is for girls and boys. We have two different groups, there is one younger group and one older group. The older group, the choir, goes before the younger group. The younger group goes to year four and under. Year five and up is the older choir group.

Today the junior singers sang at the assembly. We sang “Batman Shimmy” and “There’s A Gumtree Growing on a Hill”.

Hannah and Sara

Here are M10’s Junior Singers and their performance at assembly



3 thoughts on “Junior Singers

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the Junior Singers performance at assembly today. All the children were wonderful singers and looked like they were having fun performing in front of the school. Well done!

  2. Oh what a shame I missed this performance! I wish I knew it was on, so I could have stayed to listen.
    Aimee said she really enjoyed it, and that everyone sang really well.

    • Hi Leanne. Next time they are due to perform we’ll get the junior singers to write a reminder in their diary!!

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