My Favourite Time of Year

Today we shared with the children the song we will be performing at the End of Year Concert. With Mrs Morris’ class, we will be performing is a song called My Favourite Time of The Year by an English band called Florin Street.

We thought that this song was most appropriate given that both classes have been learning about the era in history in which the film clip is set. It also has beautiful lyrics about the positive feelings we all have around this time of the year

We have embedded the YouTube clip here for the children to view and start learning the words. They will also be given lyric sheets to help with this too.

We hope you all enjoy it as we are really looking forward to performing it!

3 thoughts on “My Favourite Time of Year

  1. hi miss knipe Ezra here when they saw noel they go
    NO-EL so they don’t say it in one thing they say it in to
    thanks hope you read and tell

    • Hi Ezra. Great to see you’re taking the time to learn our concert item. Thanks for sharing what you’ve noticed. Mrs Morris and I can certainly point it out at our next practice. Mrs K

  2. Thanks for replying and at the last part when he says see the stars tonight they actually say it with back up singers so it would be said twice. Thanks hope you write back soon. Ezra

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