Our Year in Review

To finish off our work on writing recounts for the year, the children have written reviews of what they liked about this year and what their wishes are for next year. They are a very honest account of their likes and dislikes and we hope you enjoy reading them and chatting more with your child about theirs.

Hi, my name is Ryan.  I really enjoyed doing lots of things this year. I liked when we started the first fleet in term 3 and term 4. I liked it when we had to search  for a convict and do the poster  about the convict and the ship and crew. My ship’s name was the Alexander. It was very very good to do the first fleet. I really liked doing it.

In term 4 I really liked doing Zentangles. This is when you have to get a round circle then you draw around it and when you do finish it the circles  you do patterns in the circles then you colour them in.

I wish that I could do more maths because it is the best subject that I like to do. It was very good to work with money.
By Ryan


One of the things I liked this year was P.E.because like the way we change to different sports each term. I like the way we know our aim for our grades.

My other favourite thing this year was big projects like the first fleet because we got we got to learn a lot about the history of the first fleet and I got to use pen and ink.

Next year I am really looking forward to the teacher I will have.The teacher I would prefer would be Mr Pudney because he is funny and and on top of that he really understands you and would hep me with my learning.
By Nardos


I really loved this year that we got to have a celebration for The Premiers Reading Challenge. We were the only class to celebrate in the library and we had hot chocolate and marshmallows.

I really enjoyed Cross Country and Athletics. The people that helped us were Mr Heatherington, Mel Sanders, William Sanders, Dineal, Sharron Nation and Mr Pudney.

My wish is that I could have a perfect teacher but nobody can top Mrs Knipe.
By Tamsyn


At school I liked doing spelling, maths, science, geography, P.E., Christmas craft and fitness with all my class mates and friends.

On the last days of the school year I liked playing handball at Recess and lunch with my best friends Cooper, Lachlan, Ryan, Cody, Kayden and Jack.
By Patrick


I really enjoyed the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Mrs Knipe promised everyone that if everyone finishes the Premier’s Reading Challenge then we get to spend one whole afternoon in the library reading and having hot chocolate with marshmallows. Yummy! Most of the kids didn’t read but they talked in groups or read in groups or told ghost stories. We spent most of the time making cubby houses to read in and we even had torches to make the ghost stories look creepy and spooky.

I also enjoyed the first fleet job. It was when you had to find convict and ship details then get a big piece of paper called a1 and then you put a map on it and all the details so it was really fun.

I hope to get a good mark my report and my pen licence.
From Tanvita


This year has been really fun and I have learnt lots of new things and some of my favourite things were, doing cross country and athletics with, Mr Hetherington, Mr Pudney , Sharron, Daniel, William and Mel. They were all a great help and very encouraging.

I also liked working on our first fleet projects and finding a lot of information about one convict who was shipped off to Sydney cove.

I hope next year I’m in the same class as some of my friends and we are in a new teacher’s class.
By Zemah


I loved learning time and how to tell it. I enjoyed reading and learning all about different part on clocks like which hand is which.

I also liked working on the first fleet because I love history. We had to find out about a convict and find were they went and how long they were sent there and what ship they were on.

My wish for next year is to be with my friends and a new teacher!
By Ezra


I liked it when we did zentangles. It was very creative and they turned out great although it took a long time.

I also liked it when we made cookies for sso week we had to secretly  make them over a few weeks they turned out great it was amazing to see them really happy.

I hope for next year that I’m in the same class with all my friends and that I have an amazing year.
By Rebekah


I’ve enjoyed terms 3+4 this year because we have done lots of fun stuff.

I really enjoyed doing rangolis. It took us a couple of days it was to do with the Diwali celebrations with Mrs Knipe.

I also enjoyed doing zentagles with Mrs Knipe. First we had to trace a circle and keep on doing it until the page is filled. Then we had to make a pattern for every circle I really enjoyed doing that.

My wish for next year is to make new friends.
By Janaya


Hi my name’s William. I have really enjoyed having  Mrs Knipe as my teacher for 2015.

Also I loved doing spelling in class. I like having Mrs Knipe as our teacher because when we do computing  it’s really fun with Mrs Knipe because she use to teach computer lessons.

It’s such fun doing spelling in class because Mrs Knipe gives us some activitys and we do them. There are 3 groups I’m in the Rowlings. Each group is the surname of a writer e.g.  Rowlings, Griffiths and Kinneys.

My wish for next year is to have Mr Pudney as my teacher next year because he is really funny and he is really,  really, really COOL.
By William


Hi my name is Sara and I have enjoyed doing PE and doing stained windows. There are lots more things that I like doing this year like our Father Christmas outfit. I liked doing our book marks because they where so much fun. I like doing our Zentangles too. It took a long time but it was fun. I like doing our pot because you get to do your own  pattern and I liked doing our calendar.
By Sara


This year I enjoyed the sso week biscuit making for the sso. It was fun to see their faces. This year I also enjoyed divali and rangoli drawing. It was fun enjoying a different culture’s celebration.

Next year I wish for a great year and make new friends. The teacher I want is Mrs Morris.
By Tom


I really liked it when we did our rangoli patterns. They were really fun to do with friends and it took a while to cut out but not to colour though it was a lot of fun.

I also liked doing our illusions because it looked really cool and it used a lot of patience but when you finished it hurt your eyes a bit as well.

Next year I wish we can have a double lesson on physical education and also do baseball.
By Cooper


This year I have really enjoyed doing my first fleet project where we had to researcha ship from the first fleet and a convict.

I also enjoyed doing my zentangles. We had to get a piece of paper and do some circles on the paper and then do designs in them.

Next year I wish that it gets even better and even more fun.
By Linda


I really liked the blog that we have in M10. The blog is for our parents to know what we are doing in our class. On the blog we have photos and videos.

The second thing I liked this year is the First Fleet project.

I hope I’m in Mrs Knipe’s class next year.
By Rakshit


I’m looking forward to the end of year concert with M11. I’m looking forward to the end of year concert because they are fun.

I’m looking forward to my next teacher. I wish I could be in Mr Pudney’s class. I want to be in Mr Pudney’s class because he is funny, smart and creative.
By Lachlan


This year, I liked planting the beans and I liked doing the first fleet. I liked the first fleet so much because we did it for a long time so that’s why it was so fun.

I liked planting the beans because we didn’t have to use dirt, we used paper towel.

I wish next year we could do the first fleet project again.
By Hope


Hi my name is Magnolia.

This year I liked doing the rangoli and doing math because I like counting.

And I also liked doing the song My Favourite Time of Year. It was fun.

I also likes doing the stained window and putting colour paper. I liked dancing and I liked Music and playing on the playground. I liked going to the art and making friends. I liked doing the Father Christmas and we had to colour Father Christmas and cut him out then Mrs Knipe put him on the wall and it looked really nice. I liked reading and I liked doing Christmas craft and Mrs Knipe put up the Christmas tree and we decorated the tree with stockings and snowflakes, bells, stars, and angels and Christmas trees. I also liked PE, running and tennis. I liked doing handwriting, spelling, maths, reading, HASS and health. I liked having free time on the computer too.

I like this school because I have a nice teacher Mrs Knipe.
By Magnolia


I’m looking forward for the end 0f the year concert with m11.

I’m looking forward to my new teacher.

I liked doing my rangolis.

I liked doing my zentangles.

Because they were very fun
By Kashaya


Hi my name is Harrison this year I really liked term 1 and 4 because we got to grow a bean plant and we got to do our concert preparation.

In Term 1 we grew a bean plant. We grew it in paper towel. It stayed in school about 4 weeks and it still lives today.

In term 4 we did our concert preparation for our song favourite time of the year we have to make posters and stars and we have to paint the poster so they look bold.

My wish for next year is that I’m in the same class as my best friend.
By Harrison


Hi my name is Seth and this year I enjoyed P.E. and music but my favourite lessons are spelling and maths.

I had lots of fun this year  With Mrs Knipe and I wish I could do it again.

Next year I hope I’m in the same class as my 5 best friends Lachlan, Ezra, Nardos, William and Codey. Also I hope I’m in Mr Pudney’s class next year.
By Seth


It was term 2 and it was book week. We were celebrating reading. It was exciting. The year sixes and sevens were doing a play for book week. It was awesome!!! They were in time and everything. At first I thought the wolf was a boy but at the end it was a girl. I was wrong. It was awesome.

It was term 3, SSO Week and we were making biscuits and packaging them for SSO week. Only two SSO’s could know about it so they could help us. We also asked the SSO’s questions and made biscuits to suit them.

My wish for next year is to improve in piano lessons.
By Hannah


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