During the last part of the term we have been continuing our work on different celebrations and we have turned our attention to the commemoration of ANZAC Day. In our Writing lessons we have started writing a class persuasive text on why we should still commemorate ANZAC Day. Based on their research on this special day, this is the introductory paragraph that the class wrote.

“We should commemorate ANZAC Day. ANZAC Day is definitely a day that should be remembered. The sacrifices that Australian and New Zealand soldiers made were important. Also, learning about wars teaches us never to have them again. Finally, there are still soldiers serving our country who deserve our respect. All Australian and New Zealand people should find a way to commemorate ANZAC Day.”

We will post the rest on the blog when we finish it at the beginning of next term.

We also furthered our learning about ANZAC Day by watching the rather sad episode of My Place (our class novel for this term) which centered around a child’s life in the aftermath of WWI. A big highlight of this viewing on the last day of term was also having some ANZAC biscuits to nibble on while we watched.


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