M10 & M11’s GIANT Lunch

Today was an absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious day in M10 and M11. It was the day of our B.F.G. feast!

Both classes have loved reading Roald Dahl’s classic book and are waiting in anticipation for the chance to see the newly released movie.

To celebrate finishing the book and the great pleasure it brought us all, both classes had a GIANT feast. We would like to thank all the wonderful parents and friends who helped out by creating the delumptious mini food that we, the giants, got to enjoy.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Mrs Morris kindly supplied us with snozzcumbers, which lots of chidlers were brave enough to eat, and some glumptious frobscottle (though no whizzpoppers were allowed!) One of the M10 boys brought in his own mini goblet to drink out of!

IMG_8786 IMG_8787 IMG_8792 IMG_8800 IMG_8797

We decorated the room with our dream catchers which were there to catch any trogglehumpers and let the B.F.G’s phizzwizards float on through!

IMG_8784 IMG_8783 IMG_8782

Here are some more photos of the amazing mini-foods and all of us enjoying our celebration

15 thoughts on “M10 & M11’s GIANT Lunch

  1. This was a fantastic day in our classroom. My favourite moment was watching all the children eat the snozzcumbers that Mrs M made for us. Mrs K

  2. I thought this day was an amazing day. It was really nice of all those lovely people to make food for us to eat. It was also good that we watched the original BFG movie before we watched the new BFG movie although I liked the new one better.

  3. I thought it was amazing! with all the food and drink because I got a chance to try new tastes even though we had to eat a snozzcumber and drink fake frobscottle.

  4. I was looking forward to the giant lunch but I didn’t know if I was going to be away so I checked with my mum and we were going to be away.

  5. The BFG lunch was fun and the food was good. We watched the old B.F.G. and we brought food to eat. We also had frobscottle and snozzcumbers that Mrs M made.

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