Let’s Get Loud

This year M10 and M11 will be performing their version of Jennifer Lopez’s song “Let’s Get Loud” at the end of year concert.

On Friday afternoon we started learning the lyrics and had a look at some basic choreography for our item. The children also took home a copy of the lyrics to start their own practice.

I have embedded into this post a version of the song that was performed by Jennifer Lopez at the Women’s World Cup which highlights both the song and how fantastic and vibrant it can sound as a performance.


Digital Technologies

PlayExpo 2016

José Ángel Morente Valero via Compfight

This term we are focusing on 2 different skills using computers.

The first skill is typing. At this age it is of great benefit to students to be able to know the location of keys on the keyboard and to start to develop fluency with their typing so they are able to share their ideas quickly in a typed format.
We are using the tutorials at typing.com to help us practise these skills.

Our second skill is that of computational thinking and learning the basics of coding. THis allows our students to understand that they can be in control of technology and understand how it operates, rather than simply use it for menial tasks. We are working through a series of courses on coding at the fabulous code.org website.


Where is Madame Knipe? Day 3

Firstly did you guess yesterday’s monuments? They were the Eiffel Tower, L’Arc de Triomphe and the tricky one was Les Invalides which is where Napoleon is buried. The roof of this building is covered in gold!

Today I was picked up bright and early by a tour bus ready to visit two very special places: the palace of Versailles and the home and gardens of the artist Claude Monet.  I was really looking forward to seeing these places.

My first stop was at the place of Versailles. This was built in 1682 by King Louis XIV and was a royal palace where the kings, queens and courtiers lived until the French Revolution!

I will show you more photos when I get back but here are a couple for now just to get you wondering what this place might have been like to live in.

The gate into the palace.

The king’s bedroom.

The Hall of Mirrors. Something famous happened in here after World War One also. I wonder if you can find out what it was?

Versailles is also famous for its beautiful gardens too. While I was there I was lucky enough to see all the fountains flowing – they only turn them on on weekends! Have a look at this beautiful one.

After the morning at Versailles, I went to Monet’s garden. I wonder if you can work out which flowers Monet is famous for painting?

Here I am with them!

There weren’t just water lilies in the garden though. I will show you more photos here too as the whole garden was amazing and smelt so beautiful. Remember it is summer over here so all the plants are flowering.
I also got to look around Monet’s house. This is his studio where he painted some of his famous impressionist paintings. Can you see any you know on the walls (these aren’t the real paintings though – they are priceless and hang in lots of famous galleries around the world)

A Demain mes enfants

Mme Knipe

Where is Madame Knipe? Day 2

This morning I got up bright and early and got ready to walk around Paris. Walking is the best way to see a new city. You get to see all the sights and see things that you might not have planned to see as well! I managed to walk around 16km today so I was a little bit tired by bedtime!

My first stop was to climb the monument I visited yesterday. Did you work out what it was? 

The Arc de Triomphe.  

It was built by Napoleon Bonapatre and was opened in 1836!

This is the view from the top

And here are all the stairs I had to climb to get up there!

There is also a very special place at the base of l’arc which is a flame which remembers all the unknown soldiers who died in World War I. 

As I was walking along I saw some other interesting things too! What do you think these two things are for?

In the afternoon I wandered down Paris’ most famous street Les Champs Élysées and then went on a tour of L’Opera Garnier. Have you heard of the book The Phantom of The Opera? This is the opera house where that book and musical takes place. It is very beautiful and has a big chandelier in the middle of the theatre which weighs over  7 tonne!

This evening I went on a guided tour around the city at night to see the monuments all lit up. I wonder which ones you can recognise. The last one is a bit tricky!

I wonder where I will turn up at tomorrow?

A Bientot

Mme Knipe

Where is Madame Knipe? Day 1

On the first day of my holiday I left Adelaide very late at night. Can you recognise any of the landmarks we have learned about in this aerial photograph that I took above Adelaide?

After 17 hours in the plane I arrived in Dubai. See if you can find out and post a comment saying which country this is in.

I stopped in Dubai for about 3 hours. It was very hot there.  At 5:00am it was already 30 degrees Celsius!

This photo is of my first view as we started flying over Europe

After another 7 hours in the next plane,  I arrived in Paris. It was more than 24 hours of flying time but it is worth every second of this to be able to explore another country!

On the drive to the hotel my driver pointed out La Stade France which is where some of the matches for UEFA 2016 including the final are being played. I thought those of you who love soccer might like to see this.  Did you know soccer is called Le Foot in France?

I arrived in Paris at about 1:30 and so that I got used to the new time zone (do you know how many hours difference there is between Adelaide and Paris?) I went for a walk to a very famous landmark.  See if you can work out which one it is from the photo. I’ll let you know in my next post.

Au Revoir

Mme Knipe