Reading Buddies

This term some of our students are working 4 mornings a week in Ms Laussert’s classroom helping her junior primary students with their reading and sight words. Our students have risen to the challenge of this responsiblity very well. As you can see by their comments it is something they are really proud to be involved in.

“First thing in M10 most mornings, students go to Mrs Laussert’s room. Five people go on Monday and Wednesday and the other five people go on Thursday and Friday (on Tuesday we just have a break). U8 reads some harder levels. Firstly they do the roll then they get their homework done and then the M10 people get a sheet out of the basket. We call out their names and we do their sight words. The U8 people are getting so good after doing their sight words. After doing their sight words well, we get the person who did the sight words to read a hard level book. They are doing so well.” Jeizhene

“Every Thursday and Friday five people from M10 go to Unit 8 and listen to kids read at their classroom. They have their own sheets in a basket and we pick one out and ask them to read it to us. When they get three ticks they go on to a harder sheet. I think that their English will improve they should keep going on with this.” Nardos

“Lately some of the students in M10 who are confident in reading go over to Mrs Laussert on two days of the week and listen to U8 students read and spell. We mark them on their spelling words and when they get three ticks on all of the words they move on to a harder sheet. I personally like hearing the younger students read because it makes them better at reading and more confident.” Zemah

“Every Monday and Wednesday 5 students go to Unit 8 to do their sight words and listen to them read. We help them to sound out their words and tell them unknown words. Then we listen to them read in their class. I like listening to them read and do their sight words because it made me feel like a little kid again!” Ezra.

“Every Thursday and Friday, 5 students from M10 go to Mrs Laussert’s. I personally like helping them do their sight words. When you do the sight words I like meeting the people and you can watch them progress. Once they do their sight words you listen to them read. When they read they also progress. It is fun to listen to them read their sight words and their books. It is also interesting to watch them progress and get better at reading.” Bethany-Kate

“Every Monday and Wednesday five students from M10 go to Mrs Laussert’s class to listen to them read and do there sight words. I personally like listening to them read and spell. They get better and have more confidence in their reading. Plus I like meeting new people – like if their new to the school it helps them feel safe at school when there are bigger people they know around them.” Janaya

We go to Mrs Laussert’s class every Monday and Wednesday. We listen to the Unit 8 people read and say sight words. It’s good because they learn and that is good for them. I enjoy it because it is fun and you can teach little kids.” Hannah

“Every Monday and Wednesday students from M10 do reading in Unit 8. To do their sight words, we help sound out the words. After they do sight words they can read to us and we fill in their reading sheets with us when they finish. It is fun listening to the little kids!!!” William