Wadjiny – A performance for NAIDOC Week

Troy Allen, an Aboriginal person from Bundjalung Goori (East Coast) of Australia came to Modbury West School for NAIDOC Week on the 6th of July.

Troy played the digeridoo. He showed us the plain spear which you can only throw from a short distance but if you use a spear thrower it goes longer distances. There were two boomerangs and one was smaller than the other. One was a returning boomerang which was used for hunting birds and the larger one was used for hunting larger animals like kangaroos and emus. He explained how the Aboriginal people only hunted for food that they needed not for fun. There was an Emu Dance and two kids from every class performed.  There was a gathering food dance too and every female teacher chose a girl from their class to pretend to be a mum teaching their daughter how to get food. Last but not least Mr Oliver and Troy made fire by using rubbing sticks.


Isaac, Ashley and Alicia

Our Year in Review

To finish off our work on writing recounts for the year, the children have written reviews of what they liked about this year and what their wishes are for next year. They are a very honest account of their likes and dislikes and we hope you enjoy reading them and chatting more with your child about theirs. Continue reading

The New Tea Tree Gully Council

On the 4th of September the students of M10 and M11 were fortunate enough to spend some time at the Tea Tree Gully Council chambers as the culmination to our learning on “Governments”. We were welcomed by Mayor Kevin Knight, who spoke to us in the reception room about the history of the Tea Tree Gully Council and the role and responsibilities of the council and councillors.

We were then lucky enough to be invited into the council chambers and Mayor Knight made one of us an honorary mayor as well as 12 new councillors. He even allowed the new mayors to try on the mayoral chain. The new council then participated in a mock debate as to whether the council should provide a new playground or new footpaths, following the council’s meeting process and procedures.

It was a very eye opening visit for all of us on the roles and responsibilities of the council. We would like to thank Mayor Knight and Tom’s mum Holly for making this visit and all our new learning possible. Here are some shots of our time as part of the Tea Tree Gully Council.

What does government do?

Today we started our learning around our unit of work about the roles and responsibilities of our different tiers of government. In today’s activity the children were examining the 3 different types of government that we have in South Australia and then sorting different areas of responsibility into the level of government that we thought was appropriate. We definitely had the most trouble with local government – they are in charge of a lot more than we thought they were!

Here we are hard at work with this task.