Fun at Cross Country


On the 8th of May, three students from M10, Codey, Nardos and Tamsyn,  went to T.K. Shutter Reserve to participate in District Cross Country representing Modbury West School. When the students got to the event it was very cold, but when they got to the starting line they got pumped. The 2005 boys were at the starting line first, then the girls had to wait for the boys to be half way and then they could start. After our races were finished, we cheered on the rest of the runners or sat by our school tent. When everybody was finished with their race some people from our school got in to district team but some people didn’t get in. At least we had some fun and tried. We went back to school in our Cross Country uniforms.

We walked in the class and everyone was very exited to see us back from cross country.

P.S Everyone had fun at the event


By Nardos, Tamsyn and Codey