Wadjiny – A performance for NAIDOC Week

Troy Allen, an Aboriginal person from Bundjalung Goori (East Coast) of Australia came to Modbury West School for NAIDOC Week on the 6th of July.

Troy played the digeridoo. He showed us the plain spear which you can only throw from a short distance but if you use a spear thrower it goes longer distances. There were two boomerangs and one was smaller than the other. One was a returning boomerang which was used for hunting birds and the larger one was used for hunting larger animals like kangaroos and emus. He explained how the Aboriginal people only hunted for food that they needed not for fun. There was an Emu Dance and two kids from every class performed.  There was a gathering food dance too and every female teacher chose a girl from their class to pretend to be a mum teaching their daughter how to get food. Last but not least Mr Oliver and Troy made fire by using rubbing sticks.


Isaac, Ashley and Alicia

Music is Fun visit

This Thursday we were lucky enough to have the Music is Fun band visit our school. We had a great time singing and dancing along with them and some class members were lucky enough to be chosen to perform in these 3 songs; Lanterns, Message in a Bottle and The Addams Family.

Here are some photos from the performance as well as everyone’s thoughts about what they liked:


I was in the message in a bottle performance I was a bit embarrassed but I said to my self let the show go on.  Tamsyn

I saw all my friends perform and at the end we danced. It was really nice and a bit funny. Tanvita

I really liked it when we all got up and danced it was really fun. Rebekah

I liked it when we got to sing the songs. Hannah

I really liked it when they sang star trekkin’. Lachlan

I thought that the star trekkin’ song was really mixed up and funny. Zemah

I thought that the music is fun band was funny. The sneeze doctor was one of my favourites and the Addam’s Family was the other and the Crazy Frog was one and the last one was the s u g a r sugar rush . By Patrick

I really liked the songs and the sneeze doctor but my favourite was the Addam’s Family.By Linda

I was playing as Pugsley on the day and  it was hard not to laugh  when I was acting especially in front of my friends. I enjoyed every thing. Ezra/Pugsley