We Got Loud

After the disappointment of unkind weather last week, M10 and M11 were able to perform our fantastic rendition of “Let’s Get Loud” this afternoon for a large audience. The children did a wonderful job and certainly were the stars of the grand finale!

Thanks to all the parents for being so accommodating and sending in costumes for a second time. Here are some photos and the video of our performance. We hope you enjoying watching us Get Loud!

lets get loud from Mrs Knipe on Vimeo.

Fantastic Feedback

Mrs Morris and I were amazed on Friday 18 December when this comment came through on Mrs Morris’ blog post about our end of year performance.

Wow, what a great performance! Everybody really got into the spirit of the song and sang it so well. I love the Victorian costumes and the props and pictures that go with the lyrics. This is one of the best renditions I’ve seen, well done everyone!

Merry Christmas


The Florin Street Band

It was fantastic of Leigh (the lead singer who was being performed by Jack in our concert) to take the time to not only look at our end of year performance video, but to also send you all such wonderful feedback.

Well done everyone!

2015 End of year concert

We are very proud to share with you this year’s performance of My Favourite Time of Year by The Florin St Band from the end of year concert. All the children did an amazing job and really rose to the challenge of performing on the night.  All the practising we had done throughout the term really shone through.  We would like to thank all the parents, caregivers and even grandparents who helped source and make all the amazing costumes the children wore. They definitely looked the part. So please enjoy this year’s performance. We hope you are as proud of your children as we certainly are!

concert 2015 from Mrs Knipe on Vimeo.

Looking Victorian and Fantastic Too!

We just thought we would share with you all some of the great costumes and some behind the scenes photos from tonight’s end of year concert performance. Many thanks go to all the families who supported us by sourcing all these great outfits so that the children looked so wonderful on stage!

A Quick Preview

I wanted to share with you all this lovely moment from this afternoon. After lunch the children were quietly finishing off some work and while they were working a couple of them were quietly singing the song we are performing for the end of year concert. Slowly the momentum built until all the class were quietly singing the song – no music or direction – just a group of fantastic children enjoying the fun of singing a song together.

They didn’t know I was filming until they were finished and I thought I would give you this lovely insight as to what it was like in our classroom this afternoon.

Concert Preview

My Favourite Time of Year

Today we shared with the children the song we will be performing at the End of Year Concert. With Mrs Morris’ class, we will be performing is a song called My Favourite Time of The Year by an English band called Florin Street.

We thought that this song was most appropriate given that both classes have been learning about the era in history in which the film clip is set. It also has beautiful lyrics about the positive feelings we all have around this time of the year

We have embedded the YouTube clip here for the children to view and start learning the words. They will also be given lyric sheets to help with this too.

We hope you all enjoy it as we are really looking forward to performing it!