M10 & M11’s GIANT Lunch

Today was an absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious day in M10 and M11. It was the day of our B.F.G. feast!

Both classes have loved reading Roald Dahl’s classic book and are waiting in anticipation for the chance to see the newly released movie.

To celebrate finishing the book and the great pleasure it brought us all, both classes had a GIANT feast. We would like to thank all the wonderful parents and friends who helped out by creating the delumptious mini food that we, the giants, got to enjoy.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Mrs Morris kindly supplied us with snozzcumbers, which lots of chidlers were brave enough to eat, and some glumptious frobscottle (though no whizzpoppers were allowed!) One of the M10 boys brought in his own mini goblet to drink out of!

IMG_8786 IMG_8787 IMG_8792 IMG_8800 IMG_8797

We decorated the room with our dream catchers which were there to catch any trogglehumpers and let the B.F.G’s phizzwizards float on through!

IMG_8784 IMG_8783 IMG_8782

Here are some more photos of the amazing mini-foods and all of us enjoying our celebration

The B.F.G.

Do you know who this is?

This is the B.F.G.

We are going to be reading all about him this term before this wonderful looking new movie comes out at the end of term.

Have a watch of the trailer and make some predictions about what you might expect from our new class novel.

My Place

my-place This term we are reading Nadia Wheatley’s marvellous book My Place. This book chronicles the lives of children living on the same patch of land in New South Wales and records how the children and the land change as each decade passes. It is a great resource for learning about Australian history as the book takes us on a journey from before the arrival of Europeans right up until recent times.

This book has also been made into a children’s television series by the ABC and after we have read different decades of the book, we will also view the episodes and compare how the book and series differ.

The ABC has a great website which provides lots of information about the book, the series and the eras of history it covers which the students will enjoy exploring as well.

The website can be found by clicking here

Our Year in Review

To finish off our work on writing recounts for the year, the children have written reviews of what they liked about this year and what their wishes are for next year. They are a very honest account of their likes and dislikes and we hope you enjoy reading them and chatting more with your child about theirs. Continue reading

We did it!!!

Today was a day of celebration in our classroom. Mrs Knipe set the challenge that if everyone in the class finished the Premier’s Reading Challenge before the deadline we would have a celebration afternoon. Not only did we finish the challenge well ahead of time – we were also the first primary class to be completely finished!!

So today we celebrated. Everyone brought along comfy clothes, snuggly blankets and soft toys and we took over the library for the afternoon. The library was already fantastically decked out for book week and Mrs Koenig and Mrs White said we could use the torches to read our books in a really special way. The highlights of the afternoon were reading some old favourite stories (there is a great video of some of us reading Where is the Green Sheep), getting recommendations from friends about new books we might like to try and of course Mrs Knipe’s treat of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Here are some photos of us having fun reading at our well-earned celebrations

Books Light Up Our World

The theme for this year’s book week is ‘Books Light Up Our World’ and our library was turned into even more of a wonderland of books for this special event.

We had our special time in the library with Mrs Koenig on Tuesday and what a lovely visit it was. We started by sharing some of our thoughts about what this year’s theme was all about and Codey shared a lovely thought with us that

“If you keep reading books, they bring a whole other part to your life”

Then Mrs Koenig shared a special video with us of Aaron Blabey reading his Book Week nominated book, Pig The Pug

After that we were able to spend some time with all of our favourite book week books from years gone by and the added bonus was Mrs Koenig had lots of different torches so we could try lighting up our books in different ways. It was a great chance to enjoy reading in some very special ways.

Our Places!

This term we have been reading the wonderful book My Place by Nadia Wheatley. This story has taken us back in time from a modern day outer suburb of Sydney back to what this same piece of land looked like in Pre-European times. We have learnt so much about Australia’s history through each page, reading about the life of each child who has made this place their own for each particular era of time.

As we finished the book, we started to create our own versions of My Place, writing, as each page in the story did, about our families, everyday life, our pets and special celebrations.

We are publishing our originals as a book in the classroom but we thought we would share them with you here in the Knowledge Zone too!