Miss Kylie’s visit

Miss Kylie visited us as a student teacher in week 8.

In her first lesson we did drawings of ourselves and the stuff we like to get to know more about each other.

She also did maths work with us and taught us heaps. She taught us strategies like chunking times tables and algorithm. She also listened to us read and if we got stuck she told us a strategy to use.

On her last day she taught us about the solar system. We did an activity when we all went out to the oval and we saw how far the planets were from the sun. We also learnt a great planet poem. Which is called “The Planet Roll Call” and it goes like this

Eight planets around the sun,
listen as I call each one.
Mercury? Here!  Number one
Closest planet to the sun.
Venus? Here! Number two,
shining bright, just like new!
Earth? Here! Number three ,
Earth is home to you and me.
Mars? Here! Number four,
red and ready to explore.
Jupiter? Here! Number five,
Largest planet, that’s no jive!
Saturn? Here! Number six,
With rings of dust and ice that mix.
Uranus? Here! Number seven,
A planet tilted high in heaven.
Neptune? Here! Number eight,
with one dark spot whose size is great.

(Poem by Ashton Scholastic)

Here we are on the oval with Miss Kylie working out how far apart all the planets are compared to each other.

IMG_5575 IMG_5574


By Ned and Tanvita