Our Year in Review

To finish off our work on writing recounts for the year, the children have written reviews of what they liked about this year and what their wishes are for next year. They are a very honest account of their likes and dislikes and we hope you enjoy reading them and chatting more with your child about theirs. Continue reading

Our Assembly

Today, it was our turn to host the school assembly and the children did a fantastic job as hosts. Here are some pictures to share with you from the event.


Lucas Proudfoot visit

On the Tuesday 26 May, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Lucas Proudfoot who is  a member of the Tweed Coast Aboriginal/ South Sea Islander communities who has a background in both music and dance. Lucas uses his many talents to perform a one-man show that was highly interactive and informative about Australian Indigenous cultures.

Here are some photos of the performance and what the children thought of this event.

“I think his performance was multi-cultural because of the great music. I think he had a great sense of humour and a great voice. He is a great didgeridoo player and a great guitar player. I learnt that Aboriginals lived a really long time ago and that they lived in Australia.” Ned

“I think he was good at the guitar and the didgeridoo and singing.  He was very proud on stage and he was very funny. He told us about where he lives and where his friends live.” Jack

“I think he was good at the didgeridoo and the guitar. The music was amazing and he was so funny.” Tom

“At the performance we got to know a bit about Lucas and his culture. He was Aboriginal. Two lucky people from our class got to come up. I felt also feel very happy because I’m Aboriginal plus we have five other Aboriginal people in our class. He was so funny that Mr Reid’s face was red, he was laughing that hard.” Tamsyn

“I think the performance was multicultural because of the fantastic DIFFERENT music he played there. A didgeridoo is an instrument that the Aboriginals played a long time ago and they still play it. He is really  good didgeridoo player and a really good guitar player too.” Rakshit

“When Lucas Proudfoot came to our school he showed us where he came from he came from – near the edge of Queensland kind of near NSW and I now know which states didn’t play the didgeridoo not Western Australia not South Australia or Victoria.” Hope

“At the performance he was telling us information about the Aboriginals and how they got the didgeridoo. People came up to dance in front of the audience, the boys also came up to play the didgeridoo. I personally liked it because my cousin came up to dance. He’s a really funny guy.” Rebekah

“I thought it was a really good performance, Lucas was really funny. I got picked to play the didgeridoo I was shocked when I got picked but when I played it I thought I was pretty good. There  were two kids both sides of me they were good too.”  Lachlan

“On Tuesday Lucas Proudfoot came to our school to perform. I thought that Lachlan was good at playing the didgeridoo and thought it was a bit funny. It made me feel happy in my heart that I am Aboriginal.” Raiden